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What are we selling?


The satisfaction of being in a team that's building a loving world.

We're hoping that large numbers of people will be inspired by building a loving world on a foundation of respect, compassion, listening, kindness, gratitude, love, friendship and care. One example of how we're working to achieve this is by expanding Loving Classroom Online to integrate Positive Relationship Education into the educational systems of the nearly 200 nations of the world.

Towards this goal, please join the Loving World team by empowering us with a monthly contribution.

With your receipt, you'll receive a personalised Building a Loving World certificate, recognising you as a Loving World Team Member, which we hope you'll hang up somewhere prominent at home or work. 

You can cancel at any time by emailing,

and informing us regarding which email you used to subscribe above.

Please choose a Loving World Support Plan:

  • 5$
    Every month
  • 10$
    Every month
  • 20$
    Every month
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